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New Year's cards from raskraska. Corporate Teenager and adult New Year's books and albums, only with the Author graphics and photos.
Corporate exclusive edition of the New Year - the development of themes, subjects and design.

Coloring will do for your company's gift edition, alongside your site from New Year, with tree, lights, Snow Maiden, grandfather Moroz, Snowmen and other New Year characters.

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Jack Frost from odi
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New Year's card - Year of the Bull
Year of the Bull card
New Year's cards
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Fulfilment your wish in New Year !
Fulfilment your wish
in New Year!
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New Year's wishes
New Year's wishes
New Year's small picture
beautiful girl card
New Year's card
Call to parents!
Author's New Year's cards
Whether or no... Happy New Year!
Whether or no... Happy New Year!

How to beautify the site of New Year pictures, knopitsami, banners, screen saver.

New Year's recommendations from Alexander Babushkin / odi


The first method, part one

- using static graphics: background page

      Sample A001 New Year's change of background pages on your site

      Note. In this example, not demonstrated ability to design background, using this example shows how you can place New background, without a significant investment and hard work with graphics for the background. Shown only possible through the transformation of visual perception small change, in particular, the background page.

Exclusive custom backgrounds, of course, look differently.


The first method, part two

- using static graphics: background page and button renew New Year's decoration

      Sample A002 New Year's change of background pages, and renew buttons on your site

      Note. In this example, does not draw the button again, use your original schedule, existing on the site.

Exclusive custom buttons, of course, look differently.

      The first method, part three - through animated graphics pictures: change LOGO clothes

      Sample A003 New Year's change LOGO clothes, LOGO from raskraska.ru

      Note. In this example the LOGO figure is drawn anew.

Source Bear picture
Bear picture with Christmas costume
Bear picture
Christmas costume

      The second method, part one - using specially made flash cards, screensavers, presentations

      Sample B001 New Year's or Christmas present for the home or a special page

      Note. In this example, all done and drawn anew. The following New Year and Christmas saver - presentation is in the process of filling the content and can be changed arbitrarily many times during the day.

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last renew New Year's flash reel
06 november 2008 year
Author's New year's pictures
snowman cartoon
New Year's comics about Santa Claus and a bag with gifts for children

To create a festive mood users good little comics from several images, combined united story and characters. You to look at the comic coloring
Santa Claus and gifts.

Clicking on the small copy of first image comic you can see the whole story
New Year's comics
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