New Year's pictures printable. Christmas cards. 2016. Orangutan in Jack Frost suit.
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© Russian artist Alexander Babushkin.
Free Raskraska project for kids
since 1999 year.
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How It's Made?

Paper snowflake

Step by step with photos.

Paper snowflake to make
Как сделать снежинки.

from paper napkin

Step by step with photos.

Snowflake from paper napkin
обмен ссылками

New Year's pictures printable

New Year's cards

2016 Fire Monkey Year.

Click on small image to view larger picture, which you can print and color. Russian version pages.

Paper size A4.
Oran utan
in Saint-Nicolas suit for print.
Happy New Year.
Fire Monkey colour image.
Color picture with ironical remark. Orangutan 2016.
Oran utan in Saint-Nicolas suit for print год красной обезьяны Oran utan in Jack Frost suit red oran utan with 2016 text

© Alexander Babushkin - idea, design & picture from 1999 to the present time.